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LOCTITE GC 10 & 3W –
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For years, the electronics assembly industry has requested a stable solder paste platform, one that could handle the demands of miniaturization and rigors of modern manufacturing. Assembly specialists also wanted simplicity and the elimination of complex and expensive material transport, storage, handling and management. And, naturally, cost reduction was a priority.


You asked. Henkel answered.


The LOCTITE GC solder paste platform changes everything. Uniquely stable flux chemistry delivers unprecedented performance and is the basis of all LOCTITE GC materials, including the award-winning LOCTITE GC 10 and water-washable LOCTITE GC 3W. Forget everything you thought you knew about solder technology.


LOCTITE GC: Stable. Game-Changing. Future-Proofed. Cost-Effective. Remarkable.

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