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When it comes to printing performance, there is simply nothing better than LOCTITE GC 10. In impartial third-party testing, LOCTITE GC 10 was proven to provide the absolute best paste transfer efficiency and paste-on-pad material volumes for challenging, miniaturized component types. Plus, exceptionally long abandon times of up to 24 hours, a staggering stencil life of up to 72 hours and zero start-up time deliver ease-of-use, higher yields and improved profitability.


Consider that close to 70 percent of defects originate in the printing process and it’s clear that making the proper solder paste selection is essential for defect reduction. Paste is typically chosen based on the particle size requirements for the smallest component type, the alloy needed to satisfy reliability levels and a flux suited for the application technology. This selection process often means that different product assemblies will require a manufacturer to conduct multiple solder paste qualifications. Now, there’s a single flux formulation that can meet all assembly demands, from miniaturized components for handheld products to high-reliability devices for automotive applications.


LOCTITE GC 10 does it all…

… and allows qualification of one flux platform for supply chain simplification and the industry’s best print performance.









Be prepared for tomorrow's assemblies today:

  • Lowers cost through reduced insufficient volume-related defects, less material waste and zero start-up time (no kneading required!)
  • Eliminate defects and reduce costs by selecting the right material from the start; LOCTITE GC 10 delivers the best Cpk and lowest DPM rate
  • Provides untouchable stencil life at up to 72 hours
  • LOCTITE GC 10 offers consistent, outstanding print performance with Type 3, Type 4, Type 4.5 (4A) and Type 5 solder powders, as well as with standard lead-free alloys
  • Enables Six Sigma quality paste deposition with exceptionally long abandon times

Learn more about the incredible LOCTITE GC 10 printing results and competitive material comparisons in a summary of the independent performance evaluation.


Flux stability translates to exceptional printing and solder wetting results. 

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The superior wetting and coalescence of LOCTITE GC 10 were also documented during this analysis.

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