Simplified Logistics and Storage

Most solder pastes require refrigeration. Without it, particle oxidation will likely occur and compromise the performance and reliability of the solder paste. But, LOCTITE GC 10 is different. The next-generation flux formulation delivers stability at room and elevated temperatures, allowing the elimination of refrigerated storage, which equates to more cost-effective transport, handling and storage.


The best logistic solution

LOCTITE GC 10 offers stability at room temperature which means lower costs for transport, storage and more effective handling.









Value from shipping to receiving to storage to production:

  • Put the paste to work immediately; no thaw period required prior to production use
  • Store on a shelf at room temperature for up to one year with consistent performance on day one or day 365
  • Enjoy the benefits of an adaptable, flexible supply chain
  • Eliminate cold pack, dry ice overnight shipments and realize shipping method flexibility
  • Simplify receiving procedures and reduce concern about receiving-to-refrigeration speed
  • Do away with refrigerated storage

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